Westarctican Airlines

Westarctican Airlines

On August 6th, 2020 under the hot sun of the Chihuahuan desert, a dream was born. The dream of a future airline that will allow Westarctican citizens to set foot on their beloved frozen land.

Our goal is to develop a full service airline with minimal foot print and no impact whatsoever on the environment. We are aware of the unsurmountable barriers that we will likely encounter until that glorious first flight, yet we will not be deterred on our efforts until we achieve what our penguins can't. We will fly.

In the words of Duke of Waesche, "It would be at best uncomfortable to live there, and it is frustrating not to be able to visit." Well Your Grace, the time has come.

Disclaimer: For an infinite number of disclaimers regarding our future venture, please contact the Count of Gurnon, at countofgurnon@gmail.com

Westarctica International Film Festival Poster
The official airline of the Westarctica International Film Festival