• Festival dates
    from December 1st-9th, 2017

    Program to be announced soon!

    Providence, RI

  • Photo of film: Las hijas de Abril

    Las hijas de Abril

    Del mexicano Michel Franco (Chronic), con la actriz española Emma Suárez. Sobre una joven de 17 años que se queda embarazada y decide solicitar la ayuda de su madre.

    Festival dates: from December 1st-9th, 2017. Providence, RI
    Program to be announced soon!

  • Photo of film: La Coordillera

    La Cordillera

    Del argentino Santiago Mitre (Siete días en La Habana), con Ricardo Darín y Elena Anaya. Darín interpreta al recién elegido presidente argentino durante una cumbre de mandatarios latinoamericanos que debe hacer frente a la inminente publicación de un escándalo de corrupción.

    Festival dates: from December 1st-9th, 2017. Providence, RI
    Program to be announced soon!

  • Photo of film: La novia del desierto

    La novia del desierto

    Ópera prima de las argentinas Cecilia Atán y Valeria Pivato, con la chilena Paulina García (Gloria). La actriz encarna a una mujer que ha trabajado toda su vida al servicio de una misma familia en Buenos Aires hasta el día en que debe atravesar el desierto argentino.

    Festival dates: from December 1st-9th, 2017. Providence, RI
    Program to be announced soon!

About Us

The Festival

The New England Ibero American Film Festival is a ground breaking film festival dedicated to the promotion of the Hispanic culture through the exhibition of feature films, documentaries, shorts and animations, as well as through other artistic manifestations, which have been produced in Latin America, Spain and/or Portugal. NEFIAC's mission is to link the rich academic knowledge available in the New England region to the community at large. This Festival is also the only festival of its genre to offer Juried Awards on three categories: a Grand Jury Award to an emerging filmmaker for a feature film, a Jury Award for best documentary, and Jury Award for best short.

NEFIAC is hosted in the cities of Providence, Rhode Island (with the support of Brown University) and Williamsburg, Virginia (College of William & Mary).

Purpose and Goals

The New England Ibero American Film Festival (NEFIAC) is organized principally for educational purposes. The intention and goals of the organization are:

  • To enrich and enliven the cultural resources of the New England community and to foster the understanding of Ibero America by facilitating academic exchanges, conferences and direct access to Ibero American filmmakers.
  • To encourage the appreciation and production of Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese cinema, both as an art form and as a medium of information and education, by means of showing and discussing films, giving lectures and creating debates on issues presented by specific films.

Our Staff

Leonel Limonte photo

Executive Director

Dr. Leonel P Limonte
(Brown University)

Annia Bu photo

Artistic Festival Director

Annia Bu
(University of Connecticut)

Leonel Limonte photo


Dr. Leonel P Limonte
(Brown University)

Yumey Besu photo

Ibero American Short films Programmer

Yumey Besú Payo
(Young Filmmakers Showcase, Cuba)

Program Selection Committee

  • Dr. Leonel P Limonte (Brown University)
  • Alberto Ramos (FIPRESCI)
  • Yumey Besu (Young Filmmakers Showcase, Cuba)

Founding Executive Director

José Torrealba (Brown University)

Founding Board of Directors

  • President :
    Dr. Leonel P Limonte (Applemed Research, Inc)
  • Directors :
    Jaime Jorge (JEJ Enterprises)
    Dr. Trevor Tejeda (Rhode Island Women's and Children Hospital)

Past Jury Members


Sara Vega Miche

Sara Vega Miche (La Habana, Cuba)is a writer and expert on Cuban cinema. Since 2003 she has been a member of the Steering Committee of the Young Filmmakers Showcase of the Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (ICAIC) in Havana. She is also a curator and researcher at the Cuba Film Archive there.
Her writings have been published in several books about Cuban cinema, including, Coordenadas del cine cubano I y II, Carteles de cine cubano I, Carteles cubanos de cine, Imágenes de Cine: Eduardo Muñoz Bachs, Testimonios del diseño gráfico cubano 1959-1974, Encyclopedia of Cuba, Soy Cuba, and in cultural magazines such as Cuba Update, AGR, and Cine Cubano.
She co-wrote the documentary film Poética gráfica insular (2007).
She has lectured on Cuban cinema and Cuban film posters, curated poster exhibitions around the world and published three books on Cuban film posters: La otra imagen del cine cubano, Ciudadano cartel, and Carteles son… carteles del ICAIC.

Mónica Savirón

Mónica Savirón (Spain) has worked as a film writer, editor, and programmer. Her essays have been published internationally. She directed a weekly radio show on documentary and experimental films in Madrid for ten years. In New York, she has worked on the legacy of experimental filmmaker Beryl Sokoloff; with preservationist and artist Bill Brand; and as creative associate, archival researcher, and assistant editor of the International Documentary Film Festival Grand Prize film, First Cousin Once Removed (2012). Her video To Begin With (2012) had its World Premiere at Experiments in Cinema Festival in Albuquerque, NM. Her film Broken Tongue (2013), a tribute to avant-garde poet Tracie Morris, had its World Premiere at the 52nd Ann Arbor Film Festival. Her work explores the cinematic possibilities of sound and avant-garde poetics.


Chaim Litewski

Chaim Litewski (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) has been making films since his adolescence. He received his undergraduate and master's degree in London from the Polytechnic of Central London/Westminster University. His academic work dealt primarily with conflict and film propaganda. Some of his articles appeared in Sight and Sound, Screen, Image International and various other publications.
He has produced films for the British Film Institute’s Production Board, Channel Four, NBC, RAI (Italy) and many other international broadcasters. He was a news correspondent with Brazil’s Globo Television in London and an international news coordinator with Globo Television in Rio de Janeiro. Later he became the head of a public radio and television station in northeastern Brazil.
In 1991, Chaim joined United Nations Television in New York as a TV Producer, covering conflicts, humanitarian emergencies, and human rights stories in over 100 countries and producing dozens of news items, feature stories and documentaries. He has covered the Rwanda genocide, the South Asia tsunami, an earthquake in Pakistan, and wars in Central America, the Caucasus region, Central Asia, South Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.
He currently heads the United Nations Television Section. Chaim has participated in seminars, lectures and discussions about the role of media in modern society and organized various UN film festivals worldwide. He also produced and directed Citizen Boilesen, a feature documentary on the relationship between big business and paramilitary death squads in Brazil during the height of the country’s military dictatorship.
Chaim is serving as a juror in his personal capacity as a filmmaker.

Past Sponsors

The New England Festival of Ibero American Cinema would not be possible without the gratitude and cooperation of many institutions and individuals.

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  • The Community Foundation for greater New Haven
  • Soul de Cuba
  • Yale Latino Networking Group
  • logo of República del Ecuador
  • The Study at Yale
    Consulado General del Perú en Hartford
  • Whitney Humanities Center
  • Silliman College
  • Timothy Dwight College
  • Jonathan Edward College
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Feel free to ask any questions via email.

Executive Director

Leonel Limonte photo

Dr. Leonel P. Limonte

Artistic Festival Director

Annia Bu photo

Annia Bú

International Development

Annia Bu photo

José Torrealba